Some Other Stuff I Wrote

I am the former host of Too Fat For Our Pants, a weedly show on Radio One, 91FM, out of Dunedin, New Zealand. The blog is here, and it contains links to interviews with some smart people and MixCloud streams of full shows.

My awesome and super smart friend Meghan over at Feminist Current has been supportive enough to publish some stuff of mine, including this article about Hanna Rosin. 

There's a Rabble podcast conversation that follows that up, here.

The Women's International News Gathering Service, an amazing aggregator of feminist and women's news from all over the world, published a segment of a radio show called Domestic Feminism, about the need to value the work done in the home and whoever is responsible for doing it (hint: it's mostly women). You should subscribe if you can.

I have one academic publication, and writing it made me realize how truly uninterested I was in my subject matter. Take note: loving a book as a teenager is not necessarily a good enough reason on its own for writing a thesis about it. Sigh.

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