Commenting While Male

If you are a man and you wish to participate in these conversations, you are welcome here, provided you have done and continue to do the following:

  • Read and understand Feminism 101 and Rape Culture 101 before commenting.
  • Know that your primary role on this blog is to listen to the words of women.
  • Understand your own privilege and the effect it has on your life and the lives of those who do not share it. Understand also that the denial or unthinking wielding of privilege constitutes oppression. To that end, the appropriate response to someone pointing out your intentional-or-otherwise weilding of that privilege is "Oh, sorry, I didn't realize. Thanks, I'll work on that."
  • Accept that women's experiences are different from men's, and that sometimes women will appreciate an aspect of a situation or conversation that differs from yours.
  •  Accept that women's experiences are different from one another, as well, and acknowledge that having your experiences represent only yourself, as opposed to your entire gender or race, is a mark of significant privilege.

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