About Me

Here are some things about me, presented in point form because lazy:

  • I am Canadian, of Italian extraction though I don't really look it. Sometimes I feel like the Italianness is an important part of who I am, and sometimes I don't.
  • I live in my mom's basement because I'm unemployed. This is relevant. 
  • I'm currently receive Ontario Works social assistance, almost all of which goes towards my student debt. Astonishingly, this is against the rules.
  • It is my sincere hope that sometime during the lifetime of this blog, I will amend the above statement.
  • I am able-bodied, cisgendered, heterosexual, white, and though I don't think I could be considered middle class personally (see point 2), I was raised in a middle-class home and enjoy nearly endless support from my parents. This means that I am highly privileged, even taking into account my gender, and I will try my best to remember this at all times. If I ever forget, REMIND ME. And remind everyone else of theirs. And if you find a great and lovely way to do it that people are receptive to, please tell me about it.

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